3M 05983 Paste Rubbing Compound, 1 gal


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3M™ 05983 Paste Rubbing Compound, 1 gal

3M™ Paste Rubbing Compound is specially designed to remove fine 1200, 1500 and 2000 grit sanding scratches in a wide range of automotive paint including clear coat. This compound for collision repair adds a fast cutting option to our complete paint finishing system, created for deeper colors and glossier finishes. Use with either a wool or foam compounding pad.

Paste Rubbing Compound expands the range of what's possible when paint finishing in collision repair. Its non-gritty, fast cutting capability and its paste consistency make it ideal during the critical compounding stages of auto paint repair and restoration. 3M™ Paste Rubbing Compound reduces time and saves you money.

Features and Benefits:

  • Paste compound specially designed for removing fine grit sanding scratches
  • Medium cutting capability is suitable for paint and clear coat
  • Produces minimal swirl marks, reducing finishing work
  • Buffs to high gloss for consistently professional results
  • Adds range to Perfect-It™ Paint Finishing system compounding stage

Suggested Applications:

  • Paint Detailing
  • Paint Finishing
  • Refining Scratches

Technical Specifications:

Paint Detailing, Paint Finishing, Refining Scratches
Consumer Label
Container Size (Imperial)
1 Gallon
Performance Level
Product Color
Product Form
Rubbing Compound
Surface Type
Rubbing Compound
Volume (Imperial)
1 gal
Volume (Metric)
3.78 L

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