3M Rubbing Compound


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3M™ Rubbing Compound

3M™ Rubbing Compound quickly removes sand scratches, oxidation, coarse swirl marks and water spots. Our liquid compound leaves minimal swirl marks and is safe for clear coats, lacquer and enamel paint finishes. This car rubbing compound makes dull and tired looking auto body finishes look new and glossy once again.

3M™ Rubbing Compound revives the luster and shine that makes a car glisten out on a sunny day. Automotive rubbing compound removes sand scratches and smooths surfaces, making your car look amazing. Compounding removes the scratch pattern left by abrasives in previous sanding applications. While smoothing the surface, this product also removes oxidation, water spots and other stains and blemishes.

Features and Benefits:

  • Compound removes scratches caused by sanding
  • Formula effectively removes oxidation, stains and surface blemishes
  • Application creates a lustrous shine with minimal swirl marks or holograms
  • Fast-cut formulation reduces compounding time

Suggested Applications:

  • Buffing & Polishing
  • Paint Detailing
  • Paint Finishing
  • Refining Scratches

Technical Specifications:

Buffing & Polishing, Paint Detailing, Paint Finishing, Refining Scratches
Case Quantity
4 Bottles per Case, 6 Bottles per Case
Container Size (Imperial)
1 Gallon, 1 Quart
Number per Inner
1 per Bottle
Product Form
Rubbing Compound
Surface Type
Volume (Imperial)
1 gal
Volume (Metric)
3.78 L, 946 mL

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