3M PPS™ Series 2.0 System Paint Adaptors


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3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 System Paint Adaptors

3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Adapter provides four points of connection from lid-to-gun and converts typical spray guns into ones that work with the 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Spray Cup System. Specifically designed adapters allow painters to use PPS™ with virtually any spray gun model. To use this adapter, remove the existing spray gun cup. Then simply thread the correct PPS™ Adapter into the spray gun.

Features and Benefits

  • Adapter converts virtually any cup spray guns into ones that work with 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0, our next generation, highest performing disposable spray cup system
  • Provides a four-point lid-to-spray-gun connection and a wider 360° platform for stability and reliability
  • Stainless steel adapter offers exceptional durability and resistance to solvents
  • Wider bowl design makes adapter easy to clean

(Click Here) For Entire PPS™ 2.0 Adapter Part Number Guide

3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Adapters

Type #S2c Adaptor 26003, 16 mm Female, 1.5 mm Thread

  • Iwata - LPH-440, LPA-94, LPH-400 LV, VX929, W400LV, LPH-400 LVX, WR-400, W400, LPH-400 LVB, VXL949

Type #S4 Adaptor 26005, 12mm Female, 1.0mm Thread

  • DeVilbiss: Finishline NTL-1261

Type #S5 Adaptor 26006, 12mm Male, 1.5mm Thread

  • Sagola: 3300-G, 433-G, 4200-G, 450-G, 403-G, 4100-G, 444-G, Mini Extreme, 434-G, Classic Pro
  • SATA: KL-Primer, MCB-93

Type #S6 Adaptor 26007, 1/4 Male, 19 Thread BSP

  • Iwata: W300, W300LV, LPH-300
  • Walther Pilot: Mini MD, Maxi, Mini HD, Pilot IV

Type #S7 Adaptor 26008, 3/8 Female, 18 Thread NPS

  • Optima: 800C, 550i, 800L, Euro 900L, 800, 500
  • TranStar: Series 2
  • AccuSpray: 10gp, 07HS, 10g, 7

Type #S8 Adaptor 26015, 12mm Male, 1.0mm Thread

  • Asturomec: 9011 Series
  • Central Pneumatic: Professional Mini
  • Walcom: GEO F/X, EGO HVLP Detail Gun

Type #S9 Adaptor 26016, 16mm Male, 1.5mm Thread

  • SATAjet: 90-2 HVLP, 90-2 RP, NR 2000 RP, 90, NR2000 HVLP
  • Astro: Euro HV103, HV109, HV105, HE103, HE109, HV107, HE107, HE105
  • SATA: MCB-90, LM-92, KLC-B, MCB Primer, KLC-RP, LM 2000 K, KLC-P, LM 2000B

Type #S10 Adaptor 26017, 1/4 Female, R-Angle 19 Thread BSP, Side Cup Mount

  • DeVilbiss: JGX-502, TGHV-635 Mini, JGX-501, FUN, Gravity
  • Iwata: LPH-50 Mini, LPH-100, W-100G, RG3L Mini Air Brush, W71 Gravity Side Mount
  • Apollo: A8200, A8400
  • Meiji: FSA Mini
  • Graco: 600 Side Cup Mount

Type #S11 Adaptor 26018, 3/8 Male, 18 Thread NPS

  • Sharpe (Graco): Platinum HVLP, Razor Primer (Blue finish gun body), Cobalt HVLP (USA), Titanium T-1 CG COMPLIANT, Titanium T-1 HVLP, SGF-98
  • Snap-On: BF900EXC3, Blue Point BF350, Blue Point BF815, BF900EXC14, Blue Point BF813, BF700HPG15, Saber II BF814A, EXCG3, EXC6
  • Binks: SV-100 Gravity
  • Kobalt (Lowe's): SGY-AIR176

Type #S12 Adaptor 26022, 10mm Male, 1.0mm Thread

  • SATA: Minijet 1, Minijet 2, Minijet 3, Dekor 2000
  • ANI: R1 Mini
  • Sagola: 475 Mini

Type #S15 Adaptor 26046, 3/8 Male, 19 Thread BSP

  • DeVilbiss - TEKNA, GTi, GTiW, JGA, Finishline, EXL 620G, Compact 506 gravity, CVi, GFG, Compact 510 Trans Tech Gravity, dRd, GFHV
  • Sharpe (Graco): Cobalt HVLP (Euro)
  • ANI: F1-s HPS
  • Binks: BBR, 95G, Trophy Series Gravity, M1-G, MGI 1.8 Primer, 630
  • SEM: 71001 Pro-Tex Truck Bed Liner Gun
  • Meiji: F410
  • Ecco: 652-S
  • Graco: Delta GF
  • Mac: SG610K

Type #S14 Adaptor 26053, 7/16 Male, 14 Thread UNC

  • DeVilbiss: SRiW Mini, Sri Pro Mini, Compact Mini HVLP, Compact Mini Trans Tech
  • Binks: Cub SLG Mini Gravity, Trophy Touchup Series Gravity

Type #S18 Adaptor 26054, 3/8 Female, 18 Thread NPS

  • DeVilbiss: JGA-510-57DE, JGA-636, VTX, JGA-644, JGA-670 PLUS, JGA-504, JGA-510-57D, TGHV530, GTi Millennium 620S, Finishline FLG-606, Finishline FLG4, Finishline FLG-626, Finishline FLG-693, Finishline FLG-694, Compact 506 siphon/pressure, Compact 510 Trans Tech Siphon, EXL 520S, Compact 507
  • Graco: FinishPro HVLP Edge, AirPro Siphon
  • Sharpe (Graco): 775 Siphon, Razor Siphon
  • Apollo: A5011, A5125, A5510, A5610, A7500MT, A7500QT
  • Binks: Trophy Series Bottom Feed, Model 7, 95, 95 SL, 95 SLV, Model 2001, Model 2001 V, Model 2100, Mach 1, Mach 1SL, Mach 1 Featherlite, SV-100 Siphon
  • Fuji: T-70, XPC, XT-2, M-MODEL
  • AccuSpray: 10, 12s, 19c
  • Snap-On: BF590 Siphon, BF595 Siphon
  • SATA: SATAjet H, LM 2000 H RP,
  • C.A. Technologies: Panther P100G

Type #S19 Adaptor 26103, 3/8 Female, 19 Thread BSP

  • Iwata: W101 Siphon, W77 Siphon, W200 Siphon, LPSI, W77 Pressure

Type #S27 Adaptor 26119, 16mm Male, 1.5mm Thread

  • Binks: SV-50 Pro Series, BHV
  • DeVilbiss: StartingLine Std, FinishLine Master Kit Std
  • Sharpe (Graco): Finex FX1000 Mini, Finex FX3000 HVLP
  • Snap-On: Blue Point BLP10, BLP13, BLP14, BLP15, BLP16, BLP18
  • TranStar: 7713, 7714, 7718

Type #S31 Adaptor 26127, 1/8 Male, 28 Thread BSP

  • Iwata: LPH-80 Mini

Type #S35 Adaptor 26130, 16mm Female, 1.5mm Thread Stretched

  • Lex-Aire: Pro Series RS gravity

Type #S40 Adaptor 26135, Trapezoidal Thread

  • SATAjet: 100 BF HVLP QCC, 100 BF RP QCC, 100 BP QCC, 2000 HVLP, 2000 RP QCC, 1000 B HVLP QCC, 1000 B RP QCC, 3000 HVLP QCC, 3000 B HVLP QCC, 3000 RP QCC, 3000 B RP QCC, 4000 B HVLP QCC, 4000 RP QCC, 5000 B HVLP QCC, 5000 RP QCC, 5000 B Phaser, 5000 B Phaser RP

Type #S41 Adaptor 26137, Trapezoidal Thread

  • SATA: Minijet 4 HVLP QCC, Minijet 4400 B HVLP QCC, Minijet 4400 B RP QCC
  • SATAminijet: 3000 B HVLP QCC

Type #S42 Adaptor 26138, 3/8 Female R-Angle, 19 Thread BSP

  • Iwata: W77 Gravity Side Mount

Type #S43 Adaptor 26139, 1/4 Male, 19 Thread BSP

  • Iwata - (AirGunsa) AZ3 HTE 2, Supernova WS-400, Supernova LS-400

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