Transtar 4236 Pit-Fill Spot Putty

Transtar 4236 Pit-Fill Spot Putty


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Transtar 4236 Pit-Fill Spot Putty 8 oz. squeeze tube

To ensure an ultra smooth surface, use Transtar’s Pit-Fill Spot Putty. It is a single component polymer based system that air dries to a sandable, durable finish in minutes! Designed for use in filling scratches, pinholes, low spots, blemishes, sanding marks and other surface imperfections. Pit-Fill Spot Putty has excellent adhesion to bare metal, galvanized, aluminum and over other properly prepared existing finishes. Once cured, it can be sanded to a featheredge and accepts virtually all paint finishes. It features minimal shrinkage and an ultra-smooth consistency.

4236 Pit-Fill Spot Putty - 8 oz. squeeze tube (200 ml)

Features and Benefits:

  • Convenient size and packaging (squeeze and apply!)
  • Dries in minutes and easy to sand
  • Ready to sand in half the time of other spot putties
  • Superior adhesion and featheredging properties
  • Excellent adhesion on virtually all substrates (including galvanized)
  • Excellent hold-out with minimal shrinkage
  • Durable polymer based system
  • Easy to close container keeps material clean

Technical Specifications: 

SHELF LIFE 3 years

Details for 4236     

CAN SIZE 8 oz tube
VOC - REGULATORY 4.17#/gal (<500 g/l)

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