Transtar 6737 Fisheye Remover

Transtar 6737 Fisheye Remover


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Transtar 6737 Fisheye Remover 8 oz. Bottle

Transtar Fisheye Remover is an additive specially formulated to help avoid and prevent fisheyes. Fisheye Remover can be used with virtually all types of urethane and non-urethane 2K topcoats. Use for a smooth finish over surfaces that show evidence of fisheye usually due to contamination. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Prevents cratering and fisheyes
  • Helps guard against silicone contamination
  • Assures a smooth finish

Technical Specifications:      

VOC - ACTUAL 6.82#/gal (817 g/l)
VOC - REGULATORY 6.82#/gal (817 g/l)
SHELF LIFE 3 years
SOLIDS % (WEIGHT) 12.79%
MIX RATIO 1/4 to 1/2 oz per sprayable quart

Details for 6737

CAN SIZE 8 oz. twin neck bottle

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