U-POL RAPTOR UP0820 Black Truck Bed Liner Kit + 1 Spray Applicator


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Great for bed protection and sound deadening!

Sprays Truck Beds, Inner Fenders, Chassis, and more - Simply Fill, Shake, and Shoot!

Included in Truck Bed Liner Spray Gun Kit:
  • 1 - Quart of Activator
  • 4 - Quarts of Material
  • 1 - Spray Gun
Protects and Sound Deadens:
  • Pickup Truck Beds, Jeep Tubs
  • Inside Cars, Trunks & Fenders
  • Complete Chassis, Frames
  • Under Automotive Bodies
  • Engine Compartments
  • Inside Trailers, Toolboxes
  • Tractor & Truck Cabs, more!

U-Pol Bed Liner Kit: - is a 2-component urethane system designed for application directly to most original manufacturers' paint finishes or any self-etching primer surface. Dries rapidly and protects against rust, corrosion, UV damage, and extreme temperatures while resisting stains and abrasion.

More than a Bed Liner... U-Pol Raptor makes an excellent sound deaden-er under or inside vehicles. Waterproof material stays flexible and reduces road noise and vibration, plus looks great!

Easy to Apply: Simply fill, shake, and shoot! Kit contains four bottles (each is 3/4 full) of bed liner material. Just add hardener to fill line, shake bottle, and spray on with applicator gun included. Apply with an even-sweeping motion to obtain the required texture. Bed liner can also be rolled or brushed to obtain different textures. The surface should be lightly sanded or scuffed and free of dirt and rust for proper adhesion. If bare metal is present, treat with U-Pol #8 Acid Primer before applying bed liner.

SPECIFICATIONS: At 68°F - Pot Life is 60 minutes. Cure Time: touch dry < 1 hour subject to film buildup; Light-Duty Use: 2-3 days; Regular-Duty Use: 5-7 days. Coverage: 125 square feet (standard 8 ft bed). Additional coats can be applied after 60 minutes.
Kit Includes: Four 750 ml (25 oz) bottles of bed liner base, 1 liter of hardener, application spray gun (requires 8 cfm @ 50-60 psi compressed air), and instructions. One kit will cover up to a standard 8 ft truck bed or 125 square feet. Total kit makes 1.06 US gallons. Ship wt: 13 lbs.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Can Raptor be applied over rust? No, any rust must first be removed or coated with a rust encapsulating or rust converting coating like POR-15, Zero Rust or IES1500 –then RAPTOR can be applied.

2. Can I tint Raptor and with what: Yes, activate as normal then add up to 100 ml or 10% of total mix with solvent base coat. 2k solid color can be used as well.

3. What can RAPTOR be applied over: Properly prepared, Steel, Alu, Wood, OEM Paint, Plastics, Fibre Glass, SMC, and Concrete. Some priming or sealing maybe required, see technical data sheet.

4. What do I use to for clean up or for gun cleaning: Acetone or lacquer thinner

5. What is the air drying time @ 20°(68°F):< 1 hour touch dry, 12 hours handling, 3 days for light work, 5-7 days for heavy work

6. Can RAPTOR be force dried:Yes, 60° (140°F) = 30 min

7. Application equipment: U-POL 0726 Gun (stonechip Gun) HVLP spraygun 1.7- 2.5, Roller, Brush.

8. How many coats should I apply: Avg application is 2 – 3 coats.

8. How many coats should I apply: Avg application is 2 – 3 coats.

9. What is the Min-Max temperature RAPTOR can be applied:Min 5°(41°F) Max 35°(95°F)

10. What temperatures is RAPTOR resistant to:Constant Min -18° (0° F) Max + 100° (210°F)

11. What liquids is RAPTOR resistant to:Fresh & Salt Water, Petrol, diesel, Acids, Animal Urine (Further chemical resistance data available on request)

12. What is the pot life once RAPTOR is activated:60 minutes 20° (68°F)

13. Can I re-apply RAPTOR over itself at a later date: Yes, appropriately cleaned & abraded

14. Can I over paint RAPTOR:Yes, once RAPTOR is fully cured appropriately cleaned & abraded

15. Smooth or textured finish / non-skid:texture is controlled by type of gun (Shultz gun or HVLP gravity), air pressure and distance from surface. Anti-Slip additive UP4800 can be added to activated product, amount depends on level of anti-slip required. Refer to UP4800 application sheet.

16. What is the mixing and tinting ratio:Standard mix ratio is 3:1 and can be reduced with urethane reducer up to 20% if required. Tint ratio is 100 ml or 10% with solvent base coat per liter.

17. What size is RAPTOR sold in:1ltr, 4ltr kit, 200ltr drum

18. What is the average build and coverage:Approx. 8 mil per coat. 1litert = approx.. 31 sq feet

WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

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