303® Automotive Speed Detailer

303® Automotive Speed Detailer

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303® Automotive Speed Detailer (30216)

303® Speed Detailer is a premium formula designed to instantly clean, protect and produce a high-gloss finish on surfaces. It cleans, protects and shines fiberglass, paint, plastics, metals, and glass.

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides Superior UV Protection to Prevent Fading
  • Wipes Streak Free
  • Perfect For In Between Washes
  • Instantly Shines and Protects All Exterior Surfaces
  • Rinses Residue Free
  • Easy Way to Clean, Brighten, and Protect

For best results, follow recommended steps:

  • Step 1: Make sure surface is cool and dry prior to using.
  • Step 2: Shake Bottle Well. Spray product directly onto surface that needs treatment, one section at a time.
  • Step 3: Wipe and Buff off using a clean, dry microfiber towel.
  • Step 4: Evaluate results. Great for use to keep your car clean in between washes!