3M 05717 Hookit™ 7 Inch x 5/8 Back-up Pad


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3M™ 05717 Hookit™ Back-up Pad 7 Inch x 5/8 Inch-11

The 3M Hookit SBS 7" Backup Pad will allow you to attach, remove and center abrasive compounding or polishing pads for quicker work. The ability to change compounding or polishing pads quickly will positively impact your paint job and will help you achieve a brilliant finish. The backup pad works with the 3M Hookit attachment system.

The product is compatible with single-sided compounding and polishing pads and can help center the pads with perfect accuracy. It also helps reduce the need for rework, thus helping you finish more projects in a shorter span of time. These special discs help complete sanding and can promote productivity. The 3M Hookit system allows you to use the disc for its entire lifespan, helping you save money on raw materials too.

Features and Benefits:

  • Allows you to attach, remove, and center the abrasive compound and polishing pads
  • Enables quicker completion of projects
  • Helps center abrasive pads accurately
  • Positively impacts paint jobs; helps provide a brilliant finish
  • Works with the 3M Hookit attachment system that will increase ease of use and productivity
  • Compatible with single-sided compounding and polishing pads

Technical Specifications:

  • Pad Size: 7"
  • Pad Type: Backup pad
  • Attachment: Hookit
  • Max Speed: 3000 rpm


  • Paint Finishing & Detailing

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