3M Headlight Restoration Kits


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3M™ Headlight Restoration Kits

Restore Your Headlights Without Replacing Them
Rather than using ineffective solvents — or spending big on new headlight lenses — you can choose 3M™ Headlight Lens Restoration Kits. A complete system of light abrasives, polishes and protectants removes scratches, dirt and oxidization that can appear on your lenses, lowering your vehicle's value and reducing safe driving visibility. You can choose a kit that lets you restore headlight lenses without tools. Or, with just a spray water bottle and a common household drill, you can use the full kit with a complete range of abrasive discs for sanding, finishing and refining to remove discoloration that can cause your headlights, tail lights, fog and directional lights to appear cloudy and yellow — for a fraction of the cost and time of buying and installing new lenses. Each kit includes everything you need to restore two headlight lenses.

Features and Benefits:

  • Some Kits contain masking tape, light sanding discs, wax protectant and more.
  • For use on plastic lenses – headlights, taillights, fog lights, directional lights and more
  • 3M abrasive technology removes yellowing and buildup without damaging plastic lens surface
  • Easy to use – choose a kit with no tools required, or for use with a common household drill
  • Save hundreds vs. replacing headlight lenses

Technical Specifications:

Product Type
Headlight Restoration Kit
Heavy, Light or Medium Duty Kits
Volume (Imperial)
8 fl oz
Volume (Metric)
236 mL

Part Numbers:

  • #39008  Headlight Lens Restoration System
  • #39084  Headlight Restoration Kit
  • #39162  Headlight Restorer, 8 oz Bottle
  • #39173  Quick Headlight Clear Coat
  • #39174  Medium Duty Headlight Restoration Kit with Quick Clear Coat
  • #39175  Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit with Quick Clear Coat
  • #39186  Quick Headlight Renewal Plus

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