Carborundum Premier High Performance Red 3" Cut-Off Wheels


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Premier High performance 3" Cut-off wheels

Carbo Premier Red cut-off wheels are a unique blend of high
performance abrasives, the ultimate combination for faster and cooler
cutting action. Design improvements to the bond and abrasive provide
a faster, cooler cut with substantially more life. This means you can get
the job done faster and spend less time changing wheels. A premium
wheel that gives you Premier performance.

Features & Benefits

  • XG ceramic grain provides the fastest cut rate on the market with up to 3 times the speed of a conventional wheel.
  • Blended with a tougher zirconia alumina grain combination resulting in a longer lasting grain that increases the life of the wheel without affecting its cut rate.
  • Highly advanced bond system optimizes cut rate and life of the wheel and allows for a free cutting action without binding.


The 1/32" and 1/16" thick wheels now come in durable plastic clam shell package to keep wheels
organized and protected in the shop. Hang them on the wall and just grab one when you need it.
Carbo is at hand to help get the job done.

1/32" Blade #03861

  • Thinnest, fastest cutting blade made
  • Much cooler cut
  • Less distortion allows for a tighter fit
  • Requires less welding
  • Excellent for quarter panels

1/16" Blade #03863

  • Great for demanding applications
  • Cuts bolts, rods and frame rails
  • Exceptional, extended work life

3/16" Blade #04270

  • Makes quick work of spot welds
  • Thickness improves control when moving wheel side-to-side
  • Longest lasting blade available
 PART #    Wheel Size            Grading    Max. RPM
 03861       3" x 1/32" x 3/8"        MZ46-T     25,465
 03863       3" x 1/16" x 3/8"        MZ36-T     25,465
 04270       3" x 3/16" x 3/8"        MZ36-T     25,465

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