Crystal Premium Tack Cloth (Box of 12)


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Crystal Premium 18" x 36" Tack Cloths (Box of 12)

Crystal Premium Tack Rag Cloths are designed for dust, lint, and dirt removal. Crystal Tack Cloths ensures a blemish-free, mirror-smooth finish. Crystal Tack Cloths will not dry out, harden, or darken. They are completely Non-Toxic and will not spontaneous combust. Can be used in Automotive finishing, Woodworking finishing, Powder Coating, or as a dust cloth for your high priced electronics.

Features and Benefits:

  • Extra large dry/high tack cotton cloths 18 x 26 (45.7 x 91.4 cm)
  • Compatible with all paints
  • Wax and silicone free
  • Always soft and tacky
  • non-toxic surgical grade bleached gauze.