DeVILBISS 130503 CamAir (RHI-01) Relative Humidity Indicator

DeVILBISS 130503 CamAir (RHI-01) Relative Humidity Indicator


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DeVILBISS® 130503 CamAir® Relative Humidity Indicator RHI-01

Alerts Painter to Humidity in the Air Line, Humidity Indicator RHI-01 is Recommended for use with Desiccant Snake

Features and Benefits
  • The RHI-01 can be used to quickly and simply check the humidity of your compressed air.
  • The RHI-01 Relative Humidity Indicator also gives you positive indication of your compressed air moisture levels, so you know when to change your Desiccant Snake.
  • The indicating crystals will change back and forth numerous times, meaning the RHI-01 will give long service life.
  • Once the crystals have become saturated, simply run dry air through the fitting to return the crystals to their original form.
  • Indicating beads begin to change from blue to pinkish clear at 10% humidity and are completely pinkish clear at 15% humidity.
  • Can change color numerous times before requiring replacement of unit.
  • Designed for use in: Paint priming areas, Production lines, Spray booths, Quality control areas, Testing quality of compressed air
  • Product Name: Silica Gel
  • Chemical Formula: SiO2 ‐ Silicon Dioxide + Cobalt Chloride indicator (CoCl2 < 0.5 %)
  • CAS #: 7631‐86‐9 / 7646‐79‐9
  • Composition: 99.0 % SiO2 + 0.5 % max CoCl2
Technical Specifications:
  • Max PSI: 200
  • Max Temperature: 150ºF
  • Effective with both HVLP and Conventional spray equipment

WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

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