DeVilbiss 802371 DeKups DPC-650 Shop Start Up Kit


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DeVilbiss® 802371 DeKups® DPC-650 Shop Start Up Kit

Reduce solvent waste and augment productivity with the DeVilbiss DeKups DPC-650 Shop Start Up Kit. These disposable cups require less cleaning when compared to traditional cups, and they reduce the use of solvent and cleaning time. You can mix and spray with a single cup. There are many filtering options that do not require you to strain paint. These cups can be sealed to prevent any contamination to the paint.

You can use primers, clearcoats, solvent basecoats and waterborne coatings in these disposable cups. When you use the cups, there are fewer chances of exposure to cleaning solvents and VOCs. With a wonderful storage option, it helps paints stay in their original condition and reduces wastage. These disposable cups are designed to stay durable and help with paint jobs. The collapsing liner ensures the superior flow of fluids, color match and fewer chances of over mixing.

When you use these cups, you can choose to spray at any angle. The kit’s self-dispensing packaging is another handy feature. A non-threaded design enables quick on and off, making sure you get a secure cup connection. The DeVilbiss DeKups DPC-650 Shop Start Up Kit lets you get professional results and keeps waste to a minimum.

Kit Includes:
  • 1 (DPC-14-K10 kit of 10) Coarse Filter (600 micron) for Thick Paint #802106
  • 1 (DPC-17-K10 kit of 10) Fine Filter (300 micron) for Colors & Clears #802107
  • 1 (DPC-27-K10 kit of 10) Very Fine Filter (200 micron) for Pearls #802108
  • 1 (DPC-22-K24 kit of 24) Disposable Funnels #802109
  • 1 (DPC-601) 24 oz. Disposable Cups and Lids #802101
  • 1 (DPC-602) 9 oz. Disposable Cups and Lids #802102
  • 6 (DPC-606) 24 oz. Reusable Sleeve and Lid #802759
  • 2 (DPC-607) 9 oz. Reusable Sleeve and Lid #802972
  • 1 (BXX-1279) Storage Case for Filters and Plugs #802334
  • 1 (DPC-44) Cleaning Brush #802212
  • 1 (DPC-8) Gun Cleaning Bottle #192316
  • 5 (DPC-5001) Magnet Assembly #802185
  • 1 (SI-4-39-22) How-to-Use Guide
  • UPC/ISBN 658701023714

WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

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