Evercoat Q-Pads Sound Deadener

Fiberglass Evercoat

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Evercoat Q-Pads™ Sound Deadener

Cut the noise and create silence in your vehicle's cabin with the help of Evercoat Q-Pads Sound Deadening Panels. These self-adhering, sound-deadening panels are installed inside of door panels, fender and trunk liners or even under your floor runners to prevent ambient noise from entering your vehicle.

Evercoat Q-Pads Sound Deadening Panels are easily cut to form with a razor blade, knife or scissors. This offers an unlimited number of forms, which can fit any make or model of vehicle, in any place they need to be installed. Moreover, each panel can be heated up to 300°F to conform to an irregular surface, for a perfect fit every time.

Once affixed, these panels are permanent! And, in addition to deadening sound and keeping noise levels to a minimum, they're also capable of acting as a waterproof barrier.

Features and Benefits:

  • Self-adhering, sound deadening panels
  • Cuts easily with a razor blade, knife or scissors
  • Can be heated up to 300°F to conform to any irregular surface
  • Permanent once it is affixed
  • Acts as waterproof barrier
  • For doors, trunks and fenders

Part Numbers:

  • #100116 Q-pads 12" x 12" (One 6-PK)
  • #100117 Q-pads 16" x 16" (One 4-PK)

WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

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