Motor Guard JO-1050 Magna-Spot Stud Welder

Motor Guard

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Motor Guard JO-1050 Magna-Spot Stud Welder

DESCRIPTION: The JO-1050 Stud Welder Kit incorporates Motor Guard’s exclusive Low-Heat technology, designed for today’s high-strength steel unibody vehicles. With plenty of power for any job, this welder virtually eliminates ‘burn-through’, a common problem associated with other models. Complete with a Heavy-Duty Slide Hammer, a supply of 500 2.0 mm Stiker-Tip Draw Pins and a handy Storage Box, this kit contains all the basic items needed for professional no-holes dent repair. In addition, a full array of accessories is available to expand this kit for a wide variety of applications.


  • High Power, Low Heat Design
  • Exclusive Magna Pin System® (MPS)
  • Light Weight and Ergonomic
  • High Heat High Impact Case
  • Nine-Foot Oil Resistant Power Cord
  • Heavy-Duty Twist-Lock Slide Hammer
  • 500 2.0 mm Draw Pins

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