Presta 136089s Ultra Buffing System Shop Pack

Presta 136089s Ultra Buffing System Shop Pack


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Presta 136089s Ultra Buffing System Shop Pack

The chemical and accessory items in the Presta Shop Pak take you through complete paint refinishing - from compounding to polishing to waxing. Safety Data Sheets for each product in the kit can be found by clicking on the "Related Products" links.

Each Shop Pak contains the following:

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra Cutting Creme, 32 oz.: Aggressive compound developed to remove 1200-grit and finer sand scratches from soft and aged paint. This advance formula makes compounding ultra-high solids clears faster and much easier. Ultra Cutting Creme produces outstanding gloss on all automotive finishes, gel coats and marine coatings.
  • Ultra Polish, 32 oz.: Cleaner/polish removes minor surface imperfections and oxidation from new or aged automotive paint. With no waxes, fillers or silicones that hide defects, Chroma Polish creates an extremely high gloss finish that won't wash away.
  • Swirl Remover, 32 oz.: Designed to remove swirls from both fresh and cured paint surfaces while leaving a high-gloss finish. For heavy, cured swirls, best results are achieved by compounding first and then using Swirl Remover.
  • Ultra Complete GlazeTM, 32 oz.: Offers durable yet breathable paint protection that won't cause solvent pop. Easy-on / easy-off application for quick pre-delivery prep provides a breathable film ideal for freshly-cured paint. This silicone-free formula offers 30 days of protection.
  • Spray 'N Shine, 22 oz.: Removes fingerprints and dirt and leaves an attractive shine on any non-porous, painted surface with this easy-to-use appearance enhancer. Also works great as a lubricant with overspray clay or during buffing when the compound, polish or pad gets too dry.

Kit includes:

  • Ultra Cutting Crème - 32 oz
  • Ultra Polish - 32 oz
  • Swirl Remover - 32 oz
  • Ultra Complete Glaze - 32 oz 
  • Spray 'N Shine - 22 oz
  • One Single-Sided Black Wool Pads 
  • One Single-Sided Green Wool Pads 
  • One Single-Sided Blue Foam Pad 
  • Backing Plate 
  • Hornet Wipe-Out Cloth 
  • Laminated Buffing Chart

WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

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