Presta 139032 Ultra 2 Step® MaxCut™ Compound 32 FL. OZ.

Presta 139032 Ultra 2 Step® MaxCut™ Compound 32 FL. OZ.


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Presta 139032 Ultra 2 Step® MaxCut™ Compound 32 FL. OZ.

Ultra 2 Step® MaxCut™ Compound (MaxCut) is specially formulated for use on hard, fast-drying production or low VOC clear coats.

Diminishing abrasives effectively remove P1500 and finer sand scratches on fresh and aged clear coated surfaces, eliminating the need for additional progressive sanding in most cases.

Contains no waxes, fillers or silicones. MaxCut is easy-to-use and water-based, significantly reducing buffing and cleanup time when used in conjunction with Presta Ultra 2 Step Finishing Polish

Features and Benefits:

  • Super-hard diminishing abrasive engineered for the latest clear coat technologies
  • Water-based formula for quick and easy cleanup
  • Contains no fillers, waxes or silicones
  • Easily removes P1500 and finer sand scratches
  • Produces true finish by permanently removing sand scratches
  • Body shop safe & VOC compliant


  • Shake well before using.
  • For best results on P1500 or finer grit sand scratches, use with a Presta black & white wool buffing pad (#890146).
  • On P3000 and finer sand scratches use the black &white wool pad or a Presta white foam waffle pad (#890171).
  • Surface should be clean, cool and dry. Apply a 1” (25mm) dab of MaxCut to a 2’ x 2’ (.6 m x .6 m) section and spread with the pad before initiating rotation.
  • Buff at speeds between 1400 - 2200 rpm. For best results, recommended buffing speed is 1800 rpm with the wool pad and 1400 rpm with the foam pad.
  • Work the buffer slowly from left to right and front to back using light to medium surface pressure.
  • Slowly reduce buffer surface pressure as product diminishes and gloss appears.
  • Wipe surface with a clean microfiber cloth, #800135.
  • Follow with Presta Ultra 2 Step® Finishing Polish, #1394, for a high-gloss, swirl-free finish.

WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

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