SprayMax 2K Clear Glamour 11 oz. Aerosol Clear Coat


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SprayMax® 3680061 2K Glamour Clear Coat 11.8 oz. 

SprayMax® 2K Clear Coat is a high-gloss 2-component clear coat for the permanent sealing of coated surfaces. Especially developed for parts and repair refinishing. This product has a long lasting resistance to weathering and to chemicals; it is very easy to polish.

SprayMax® 2K Clear Coat has a very smooth flow and an excellent filling capacity; it is especially used for larger surfaces (1 or 2 car parts).

Technical Data & Instructions: ( CLICK HERE )

Features and Benefits

  • 2K Clear Coat in an easy to use aerosol
  • Activate, shake and spray
  • Unique nozzle delivers spray gun results
  • Dries to a high gloss finish
  • Excellent weather and chemical resistance
  • Maximum resistance to abrasion and scratching
  • Very smooth flow
  • Lasting high gloss
  • Very good polishing ability
  • No color deviation
  • Outstanding painting surface
  • Suitable even at higher ambient temperatures

To Use: 

  • First shake for 2 minutes vigorously before activating. 

To activate: 

  • Simple take the red button from the cap and attach it to the pin on the bottom of the can.
  • Put the top of the can on stable ground and push the red button firmly and press the pin into the can.
  • Shake again for two minutes to ensure activator is thoroughly mix with clear coat.
  • After activated, this product will last approximately 24 hours. 

Product Characteristics: 

  • Spray Max 2 part Aerosol Clear Coat has excellent adhesion to base coat and cured lacquer and enamel finishes.


  • Allow base coat paints at least 30 minutes dry time prior to using the 2K Spray Max Urethane Aerosol Clear Coat.
  • Apply 2-3 coats of aerosol clear coat.
  • Allow 5-10 minutes between coats.
  • After allowing approximately 24 hours dry time, It may been polished by hand or machine.

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