Transtar 6800 Series Clearcoat Activators


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Transtar 6800 Activators

Clearcoat Activators are specifically designed for high productivity shops using Transtar Clearcoats. Activators are suitable for use in clearcoat applications over single stage topcoats and for base/clear applications (except lacquers).

  • Clearcoat Activator Lightning #6854 designed for use in cool/cold temperatures (Below 70°F (21°C)) and significantly accelerates flash and cure times.
  • Clearcoat Activator Medium #6874/6876/6877 is designed for use in temperatures between 65° - 80°F (19° - 27°C) or for spot & panel applications.
  • Clearcoat Activator Slow #6894/6896 is designed for use in temperatures between 75° - 90°F (24° - 32°C) or for large jobs which require longer open times.
  • Cleacoat Activator Hi-Temp #6894HT/6896HT/6897HT is designed for use on larger jobs in temperatures above 90°F (32°F).

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