USC All-Metal® Aluminum filled repair compound


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USC ALL-METAL® Specialty Body Filler

USC all-metal® Specialty Body Filler is the world’s first aluminum-filled automotive compound. Easy to spread and use, all-metal repairs metal with metal
with the workability of a premium body filler. Because of its excellent adhesion, All-Metal is ideal for restoration and classic car repairs. USC all-metal can be
drilled or tapped, is waterproof, and can be powder coated

Features and Benefits

  • The world's first aluminum-filled autobody filler
  • Ideal for restoration work and classic car repairs
  • Excellent adhesion. Can be drilled or tapped.
  • Rustproof. Waterproof.

Technical Specifications

  • VOC Packaged: 265 g/l
  • Applied: 1.8 g/l
  • Appearance as Packaged: Metallic Silver
  • Weight Per Gallon (Density): 11.0 pounds (Average)
  • Maximum Recommended Thickness (sanded): 1/8"
  • Viscosity @ 77°
  • F 60,000 - 80,000 cps (Average)
  • Gel Time @ 77°
  • F: 2.0 – 3.0 minutes
  • Shore "D" Hardness Values @ 24 hours: 70-80
  • Sanding Time @ 77o F: 15-20 minutes

Suggested Use(s)

Use for filling and repair of minor bodywork such as dents, dings, rust, hail damage and small holes. Ideal for restoration and classic car repairs. Can be used on steel, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, other body fillers, 2K primers, aged and sanded OEM topcoats and SMC for cosmetic repairs, and galvanized and other zinc-treated steel. May be top coated with polyester, 2K urethane and 1K primer.

Mix Ratio

  • 1% by weight (100:1 ratio) with supplied liquid hardener

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