Wipeco Heavy-Duty Blue Powder-Free, 5mil Nitrile, Disposable Gloves w/Rolled Cuff


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Wipeco Heavy-Duty Blue Powder-Free 5mil Nitrile, Disposable Gloves w/Rolled Cuff

Disposable gloves are used in many industries for many different applications.
Choosing between nitrile, latex, or vinyl (polyvinyl chloride - PVC) disposable
gloves will depend on the application and the budget. Nitrile disposable gloves
are the most popular style because they offer great chemical resistance, three
times the puncture resistance of latex or vinyl, and great comfort and fit. They are
popular in many industries, especially in automotive and janitorial. Latex disposable gloves offer the best fit and feel. They are common in healthcare and paint
industries, but due to latex allergies they are often substituted by nitrile styles.
Vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) gloves are a low cost alternative and offer a looser fit.
Vinyl gloves are popular in the food service industry where many glove changes

Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for Mechanics and Painters
  • Excellent oil and grease resistance
  • Good cut and puncture resistance
  • Lightly textured finish for better grip
  • Ambidextrous

Technical Specifications:

  • Package Format: Retail Box
  • Package Quantity: 100 Gloves
  • Product Color: Blue
  • AQL 4.0 – 100% Latex Free
  • DN5100BLF-(size) S,M,L,XL